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Outsourcing Your Medical Billing In Utah

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing In Utah

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing In Utah

If you’re a physician in Utah and you’re thinking about outsourcing your medical billing, you’re making a very wise decision.

With the advent of the internet, electronic claims submissions, and secure port to port transmissions, you are no longer only able to use a local Utah medical billing company. In fact, the best vendor for your practice may not even be located in your State!

Find out what services your medical billing partner can provide for your offices. Finding the right fit for your practice will go miles towards making you happy with outsourcing your medical billing.

Your staff will reap big benefits too. When you outsource your medical billing claims to professionals, your staff will have more time to service your patients and you will be amazed at how much more smoothly your office will run because of this.

Most medical billing companies use electronic claims submissions and this act alone will result in only about 1%-3% of your claims being rejected for payment by the carrier or clearinghouse, when you compare that to the whopping 30% of claims that on the average are rejected due when physicians do their own billing submissions, that time wasting effort of finding, correcting and re-submitting those claims alone is pause for thought for outsourcing your medical billing to an outside vendor.

Also, you don’t have any of the overhead costs associated with hiring extra staff to manage your billing such as State and Federal Taxes, unemployment claims and W-2 woes. All those burdens are lifted off you when you make the smart choice to outsource your medical billing. Now, aren’t you glad you thought of it?

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