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Medical Billing News : New CPT Codings

Medical Billing News : New CPT Codings

Medical Billing News : New CPT Codings

New 2006 medical billing codes may make your job a lot more clear. There are several new codes effective in 2006 that more accurately describe medical services performed by your practice. Using these new codes may make your medical billing job easier.

One set of new codes effective in 2006 is the Auditory Rehab medical billing codes. Not only is there a new code for the auditory rehab evaluation status: 92626 (first hour), but there is also a new code for the actual rehab. This new rehab code is 92630 (pre-lingual hearing loss). A post-lingual hearing loss medical billing code will be in place as well, 92633.

In addition to the new auditory medical billing codes, there are also some new psychological testing codes. 96101-96103 will join the list as well as the neuropsychological testing Current Procedural Terminology codes 96118-96120. Since there are brand new psychological testing codes, there must be a new neurobehavioral status exam CPT code: 96116.

If you thought orthotic and prosthetic management has been left out, think again. There are three new medical billing codes for these services as well. 97760 is for orthotic training and management. 97762 will be used for the medical billing of orthotic/prosthetic checkout. The last new medical billing code for 2006 is for prosthetic training: 97761.

All of these current procedural terminology changes in your medical billing system should keep you busy for a while. Once the codes are inputted into your system, they should save you a lot of time and hassle. Each new code that is presented more accurately describes a medical service performed. Accurate reporting is a necessity of medical billing. The only medical billing codes that should be used are the ones that exactly match the service you are providing.

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