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Medical Billing for Auditory Rehabilitation

Medical Billing for Auditory Rehabilitation

Medical billing in the speech, language, and hearing community is looking a little brighter, medical billing reimbursement will be nearly four times the old amount for this code.There was a dramatic increase in the amount in 2006, however many practices are not taking advantage of this increase. The current procedural terminology code 92626 (Evaluation of auditory rehabilitation status; first hour) was reimbursable at $22.07. This has changed. Medical billing now allows this code to be valued at $81.76. The relative value unit (RVU) used to calculate this medical billing reimbursement was 2.20. Originally the RVU was 0.55.

The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) was the reason the RVU was changed at the last minute. They encouraged the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to change the medical billing RVU because there was an earlier error that calculated the first release. Another medical billing change for Auditory rehab deals with CPT 92627 (…each additional 15 minutes). The rate for this medical billing code has been lowered from $22.07 to $20.62. This is the result of a decrease in malpractice costs.

Medical billing policies and reimbursement rates change constantly. Keeping up to date on these changes will keep your practice as efficient as possible. The ability to charge more for the medical billing code 92626 may help your practice but stay on top of the news as your rates may decrease in the future when an adjustment to this code is made.

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