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Congress Tries to Fix Harsh Medical Billing Cuts

Congress Tries to Fix Harsh Medical Billing Cuts

Congress Tries to Fix Harsh Medical Billing Cuts

Congress realizes that 2007 will come with large medical billing cuts. Each year, it seems that Washington is constantly debating on whether or not physicians will receive Medicare cuts. The practices which service a large number of Medicare patients may be in jeopardy beginning January, 2007. They may have snuck by a medical billing cut this year, but next year will be a different story.

February 01, 2006 physicians were lucky enough to sneak by a 4.4% medical billing reimbursement cut. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services are constantly trying to slim down their costs. Unfortunately, these cuts come at the expense of health care professionals. 2007 may bring 5% a physician payment cut. Congress insists there currently working on a solution to eliminate this medical billing cut.

The United States Government says that it is a top priority to fix the physician payment formula. They say that they want to focus on improving the quality of health care in America. This would come with medical billing reimbursement incentives for quality physician care. Unfortunately, physicians are being placed in a tough spot by constantly going through reimbursement slashes. They say quality is the answer, they aren’t giving physicians the means to reach that quality.

If these medical billing cuts worry you, perhaps there is something you can do to save money in your practice. You could hire a medical billing firm to handle your claims responsibilities. No one knows claims like medical billing companies. These companies can save you money and turn around time. Not only will you receive more accurate reimbursement, but you will also save money on salary pay. The less employees that are needed to run a practice, the more money you save. If congress can’t do anything to fix your medical billing problem, you can.

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