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Medical Billing Cuts Threaten DME

Medical Billing Cuts Threaten DME

Medical billing practices may be your only saving grace this year if you own a DME company. CMS payment cuts are on the horizon. In the past, Durable medical equipment companies have dodged these cuts, but now they seem to top the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services cut list this year. Your durable medical equipment Medical billing reimbursements may suffer.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services define any grossly excessive payment with a fifteen percent threshold. This amount used in medical billing will now be subjected to the inherent reasonableness cuts. Durable medical equipment companies are the target for the agency this year. The medical billing cuts are apparent as I write this.

If you are worried about these cuts and need to scale back on your facility’s expenses, try to outsource certain responsibilities. Medical billing firms can be used as wonderful tools to help your facility save money. By eliminating your need to employ medical billing staff members you will decrease your salary expenses, holiday expenses, and insurance expenses.

Not only do medical billing companies save you money, they also improve the quality of your claims. These firms have computer software programs that scan your claims for errors before they are sent to payers. They also hire medical billing staff members who are extremely skilled at what they do. There will be no need for training your own personnel, the medical billing company has it’s own employees.

Reimbursement cuts make it necessary to reduce spending and increase revenue. Medical billing firms will not only eliminate your need to pay claims employees, but they take the billing hassle away from you as well. Outsourcing your medical billing is a smart financial decision.

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