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Continuous Care Medical Billing Claims Paid

Continuous Care Medical Billing Claims Paid

If you have medical billing claims that include continuous care claims, be sure to meet the minimum requirements or your medical billing claim could get held up under review or worse – outright rejected.

There has been a significant increase in the past 5 years of continuous care claims and those types of medical billing claims are being looked at on a closer level than ever before. The growth is legitimate as Americans are living to older ages than ever before.

Watch the usage of modifiers when you’re billing for long-term care claims. There can be some issues raised with your claim if you use a modifier that does not exactly fit the patient’s situation.

To insure that your medical billing claim is looked upon as legitimate, make sure that you submit full documentation with your medical billing claims. This documentation should include detailed notes of the care given and timed notations by the physician and attending nurses. A physician needs to have signed off on each page of documentation.

Another way to make sure your medical billing claims get maximum reimbursement is to make sure and report your highest billing codings first on your medical billing claims, this will insure even there is only a partial claim paid, you will get the most for your medical billing claims.

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