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Auditory Rehabilitation Receiving Medical Billing Reimbursement

Auditory Rehabilitation Receiving Medical Billing Reimbursement

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have recently made it known that the reimbursement for procedural code 92626 is going to be seeing increases by a rather large amount. To clarify a little bit further, the reimbursement to providers for such a procedure will come in at approximately four times the amount being received currently. This should make any of the providers of language, speech and hearing much happier when it comes to medical billing.

This entire thought of reimbursement may be a lot clearer if it is broken down a bit. For example, the code 92626 which is known for the description of Evaluation of Auditory Rehabilitation Status; first hour, is going to nearly quadruple in value. The old amount to be reimbursed was only $22.07, compared to the changes where the reimbursement amount is a whopping $81.76. The whole reason for the change in reimbursement is because there were previous errors in the calculations, which made the American Speech Language Hearing Association one of the main focal points.

Because of a certain decrease in malpractice costs, another medical billing code is to be lowered is 92627 (each additional 15 minutes). The actual difference in the rate for this code is $22.07 down to $20.62.

As long as you are constantly aware that reimbursement rates along with all of the other medical billing policies are always changing, you should be able to remain one step ahead of the game. Being able to charge more for certain medical billing codes, such as 92626, will only be able to help out your practice in the long run, although many of the changes in medical billing reimbursement have been shown only to even out after an extended period of time.

If you have your own practice, you may have heard the following statement before. It could be a great idea for your practice to look into hiring a medical billing firm, or outsource billing work. For many practices, such billing firms have proven to be not only very efficient but also extremely accurate as well. Besides, with such an outsourcing of these tasks, your practice can in turn take care of the business at hand instead of having to be wrapped up billing issues.

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