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Double Check Those Medical Billing Adjustments!

Double Check Those Medical Billing Adjustments!

Your staff may be grumbling about the M0175 medical billing adjustments. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that all home health intermediaries are required to post their adjustments however the new adjustments were delayed in posting to the United Government web site and the CMS delayed the implementation of the adjustments.

Your medical billing staff needs to check the website frequently to make sure you’re getting all the adjustments that are due, if you miss filing on an adjustment, you are literally throwing away money. If your in-house staff is overworked and having a hard time keeping up with the changes, new codes, deleted codes and the filing of your medical billing it is time to consider outsourcing your medical billing claims.

Medical billing firms can help you with these new adjustments. They can completely alleviate the medical billing responsibilities from you, or merely assist. These firms are very versed in policy and procedure as it deals with the healthcare industry. The personnel employed by these companies are highly trained and deal with payers and providers on a day-to-day basis.

Not only will you get a skilled staff with a medical billing company, but you will also save yourself some money. The less staff you personally hire to do your billing needs, the less money you will pay out in the form of a salary. You would also save money on vacation/sick days, state and federal taxes and on insurance costs.

Medical billing firms can do all the tedious work your practice no longer has time for. If your staff needs help keeping up with the ever-changing adjustment schedule, look into outsourcing.

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