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Get Better Reimbursements with 77470

Get Better Reimbursements with 77470

There are some cases when certain medical billing practices can get your office more financial reimbursement. The use of the current procedural terminology code 77470 is one of those instances. This code, however, cannot be used all of the time. There are certain things you must keep in mind before using the medical billing code 77470 for your claims.

Sometimes the physicians in your clinic can see patients with special needs. For instance, an oncologist may see a patient that has a pacemaker. The pacemaker can make visits and treatment plans more time consuming for the physician. In this instance, the medical billing code 77470 may be used.

77470 in medical billing means: Special treatment procedure. The only time this code should be used is when you are doing medical billing for a patient that needs extra planning more than normal for a certain procedure. If this is the case, the documentation with your medical billing should reflect this. Be sure your oncologist thoroughly explains what extra work and planning is involved for the particular patient.

There is another note of interest with the medical billing CPT code 77470. It can only be used once per type of therapy in medical billing. This is the case even if your patient has problems in addition to the pacemaker. Insurance companies and other payers will only reimburse you once for 77470.

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