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If You’re Not Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Claims…..

If You’re Not Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Claims…..

Did you know that if you are not outsourcing your medical billing, chances are very good you are throwing away about one third of your revenue from your practice. That’s a lot of money to not be collecting.

You could vastly and quickly improve your reimbursement rate and collection of funds owed if you outsource your medical billing. Many practices still submit claims via paper, other practices submit their claims electronically but don’t have time to keep up with the coding and billing changes that can occur, many times as frequently as four times per year.

Studies show, practices that outsource their medical billing to a medical billing partner that submits claims electronically, and just by having a service that can submit your properly coded claims via EMS, your rejection rates will only be about 1%-2%, a practice can realize a huge recoup in previously uncollected medical billing claims.

Another fabulous fact about outsourcing your medical billing is that your staff won’t be responsible for the paper chase on claims any longer. Your medical billing partner will handle your medical billing claims from original submission to re-imbursement for you, and in the event of a rejection of claim, your medical billing partner will file the necessary appeals to get your claim handled by the carrier.

Your staff will appreciate having the weight of the paperwork involved in medical billing lifted off them and your revenue stream will see a marked increase in cash flow for your practice in a much more timely manner. The biggest positive for medical billing is that with your rejection of medical billing claims reduced you will benefit from outsourcing your medical billing from this one aspect usually within the first month.

As you can see, partnering up with a medical billing company to handle your reimbursements is a great idea and the health of your practice depends on it!

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