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Make Sure Therapy Documentation is Iron Clad

Make Sure Therapy Documentation is Iron Clad

The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released its 2007 work plan, and it’s drawing ample attention to therapy services. If you frequently bill for therapy services in your practice be sure that your documentation is iron clad to show the necessity of the therapy services.

The general overview of the plan includes the OIG planned review of medical necessity, correct billing and proper documentation for Medicare rehab services. Regarding specific facilities, a sampling of hot items on the OIG’s checklist include the following items:

*inpatient compliance with the 75% rule for admission criteria.

*home health agency compliance with higher therapy paying threshold services.

*the medical necessity of skilled nursing services in facilities.

*proper documentation to show the medical necessity for outpatient rehabilitation services.

Duplicate claims will also be an issue. If you perform therapy services for your patients, in order to make sure your practice is in full compliance with all the regulations and hot buttons that can get your practice audited, make sure that you’re on the straight and narrow and consider outsourcing your medical billing so you can sleep easier knowing your billing be handled in a way that will keep the auditors away from your door.

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