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The Scoop On Foreign Body Removal

The Scoop On Foreign Body Removal

Foreign body removal is a common procedure for most practices and as such it would seem very simple and forthright to code for this service; however that’s not always the case. It is very important that you take care when processing all of your cases involving foreign body removal. Many times, if you end up mixing up a code with the wrong place, your practice could find that there will be problems down the road when trying to receive the proper amount of reimbursement.

Pay close attention to the exact part of the anatomy where the service was performed as the codes for reporting FBR have become much more detailed.

When determining the proper codes for each case involving foreign body removal, you will more than likely find that the question of simple or complicated will come up. Many practices find that it can be more than a little bit difficult to end up choosing between simple and complicated procedures. To help you figure out what needs to be done in each situation, you can always look to the documentation that the physician turns in for the procedure in question. A code of 10120 for a simple incision during the procedure can be put in if the doctor states that the foreign body removal was simple.

A code of 10121 can always be used if anything within the documentation dictates that there were other factors involved in the procedure making it complicated. Some of these factors will include a good amount of cleansing in the area of the foreign body, degrees of exploration and more.

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