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Multiple Angiographies

Multiple Angiographies

It can sometimes be perplexing when a physician performs angiography on both legs and one arm. Which CPT codes should you use when reporting these procedures?

You should report 75710 (which is Angiography, extremity, unilateral, radiological supervision and interpretation) as well as 75716 (angiography, extremity, bilateral radiological supervision and interpretation). Append modifier 59 (which is distinct procedural service) to code 75710. This will show that the procedures were in fact performed on different areas (the arm using the unilateral code and the legs using the bilateral code).

The reason for this is that the National Correct Coding Initiative edits bundle unilateral angiogram code 75710 into bilateral angiogram code 75716 with a modifier indicator of one. This means that you may override the edit when the services are at separate encounters or on separate anatomic areas. When you report the legs using the bilateral code, and you report the arm using the unilateral code, you are indicating that the procedures were done on separate anatomic areas, therefore you may override the edit.

Slowing down and taking your time to ensure that your coding is correct will help make this usually confusing situation much more simple, much less perplexing. This will also help to ensure that you are correctly coding and your physicians are being reimbursed appropriately for the work they are doing.

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