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Medical Coding for Multiple FB’s in the Same Site?

Medical Coding for Multiple FB’s in the Same Site?

Foreign bodies as you are well aware present often as people get in all sorts of accidents at the home and on the job. From the splinter in the eye from the weekend warrior who decided he was too cool to wear safety glasses when he was building a table to the kid that came into the ER with multiple embeds under the skin; they are all reimbursable procedures and if you aren’t getting half or better reimbursements, then you need to brush up on your coding and make sure your medical billing claims are airtight.

Generally, it is always best to use only one code for foreign body removal in each particular site on the body. Even if there are several foreign bodies that need to be removed from each particular spot, you can go ahead and list only one code. This will still need to be the case even though the physician at your office will have to undertake a bit more work.

Make sure and back up your FB removal with ironclad medical necessity for any additional procedures needed and note especially if the FB is elevated to a complex status as you can usually file those and realize a reimbursement for the necessary procedures to locate the FB or multiple FB’s if absolutely necessary.

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