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Doctor Disciplined – Told to Take Medical Billing Classes

Doctor Disciplined – Told to Take Medical Billing Classes

In Texas, a Bastrop physician and an Austin doctor were among the over 60 physicians that were disciplined y the Texas Medical Board. are among the 64 doctors the Texas Medical Board recently disciplined.

The Internalist that was disciplined, Dr. Rajeev Gupta, was disciplined because five patients were improperly billed and the radiology equipment was operated by a staff member that was unlicensed. Dr. Gupta was fined $1000 and required to take a course in medical billing.

The attorney for Dr. Gupta stated, “We realize there were mistakes, and we’re taking steps to make sure there are no additional mistakes,” said Alex Fuller, an Austin lawyer representing Gupta. “It wasn’t an intentional act,” and Gupta didn’t make money from the billing errors, Fuller said.

Another doctor was disciplined because of overzealous advertising of services. Dr. Marci Roy, an Austin neurologist, must pay a $1,000 fine because of Web site advertising that suggests she has a superior ability to treat carpal tunnel syndrome at her clinic than other doctors who provide similar services, according to the board. Blaming the language on a typographical error, Roy said that it was not a violation of the board’s advertising rules but that she changed the language after a complaint was filed, the order says.

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