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Missouri Will No Longer Pay for DME Expenses

Missouri Will No Longer Pay for DME Expenses

Missouri Will No Longer Pay for Medical Billing DME Expenses

Recently America was shocked when Missouri was granted the right to refuse durable medical equipment Medicaid payment. This medical billing news has started much controversy and media attention.

Simply put, a federal judge in Missouri advised that the state no longer has to pay for durable medical equipment like wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, and catheter tubes for individuals on Medicaid. There are three situations in which the state is still required to pay for these items: if they are pregnant, in a nursing home, or blind.

There has been much controversy over this medical billing issue. As a matter of fact, there is now a federal lawsuit that says the state’s denial for this durable medical equipment is illegal. This lawsuit was filed on August 29. Currently, Missouri says this medical billing change is not illegal, but merely necessary financially. They claim that if a patient needs the equipment to survive, they can apply for a medical billing exception.

The changes to this medical billing reimbursement have become a heated issue. A few weeks ago there was a restraining order requested by disabled people and advocacy groups. These groups of people have sued the state over these medical DME Medicaid billing cuts. It seems the are afraid of what might happen to them. Unfortunately, the restraining order was declined.

Since durable medical equipment expenses are so high, billing for these medical services can be stressful on a patient. If Medicare will no longer pay for these services, patient may become more and more frustrated. Medical billing firms can help your practice deal with these concerns. These medical billing firms know when policies come into effect and why. They will be able to explain the changes to the patients. What the future will hold is unknown. More then likely, these Missouri medical billing cuts are an omen of things to come.

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