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Practice Management Solutions for Iowa Providers

The following professional services are provided to assist Iowa providers in a medical practice, as well as most related medical-related fields with the tedious, daily tasks of billing, coding and follow-up functions.

Partnering with Outsource Management Group allows you and your staff to concentrate more on medicine and the patients well being while we handle all of the daily revenue cycle functions.

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Medical Billing Services

We provide complete medical billing solutions for your practice including practice management consulting. Since each provider and/or practice is unique, we customize our Medical Billing Services to meet your individual needs.

We have the ability to remotely access you current database, working in real time with your office staff, and we do offer a practice management system for you practice, if needed

Medical Coding Services

At Outsource Management Group, we not only provide medical coding services, we also offer your practice medical coding solutions that include claims analysis, coding audits, and consulting.

Medical coding is a serious business that impacts the financial health of your practice. Without the expertise and focus of medical coding and reimbursement methodologies, providers and practices are putting themselves at high risk for audits and decreased reimbursement

Provider Credentialing Services

Provider, or physician credentialing is the process of becoming affiliated with insurance companies so that the medical provider can accept third party reimbursement. The importance of being credentialed with insurance companies has become extremely important to the success of a clinical practice.

Patients are faced with higher premiums to the insurance companies in order to have health insurance, which forces them to seek providers that are in-network with their health plan. All of which can be extremely important depending on the geographical location of you practice

Medical Claims Audits

Correctly coding and processing medical claims is vital to any provider getting reimbursed for the services rendered to patients. It is equally important to avoiding external audits by Medicare and other third party payers as a result of inappropriate charges and/or overcharges

The only way to verify whether a claim’s coding is appropriate to the services, is to audit the claim by comparing it to the clinical documentation or dictation that was recorded in the chart. A claim audit can reveal whether any variation from average reimbursement is due to inappropriate coding, incorrect submission or processing, as well as failure to followup with denials

On-Site Management Consulting

It’s well known that provider billing and reimbursement is an ever changing environment, providers are constantly looking for assurance that they are being reimbursed the maximum for their services.

Our team is available to any provider or group practice in the United States. During our on-site consultation we will provide you with this assurance through an in-depth analysis of any or all facets of your practice revenue cycle. Our experience has identified a number of key metrics used to determine practice performance and therefore can suggest any areas of improvement.

Online Practice Management Consulting

Our team provides online, distance-based consulting solutions to colleagues, providers, provider staff, insurance professionals, and other healthcare professionals as needed.

Whether you’re having an issue with a claim, a specific code, modifier, denials, compliance, HIPAA, credentialing, etc, we can assist you.

Online services can be utilized by anyone who is not local to our corporate offices, or who does not feel their issues warrant having our experts traveling to perform the consulting. If you have ever answered yes to any of the following questions then we can assist your office quickly, professionally and do it all online

In-House Provider and Staff Training

Our team is always available to assist with industry training to any provider or group practice and their staff in the United States. During our on-site training sessions we provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to successfully maximize your reimbursement.

We will analyze your current procedures to search for any metrics that we can suggest improvement, as well as answer any questions that arise regarding your current revenue cycle systems

Our professional solutions are the industry standard for increased revenue cycle improvement

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