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Our medical billing & coding services are provided to practicing providers and groups in Nevada by utilizing the latest in information transfer technology!

The medical billing company you choose to handle your medical billing and management functions should be experts at what they do, and more importantly, experts at increasing provider revenue… not just a company that is close to your practice in Nevada, but someone who genuinely cares about you, your revenue and your practice.

With successful and satisfied clients all over the United States… the medical billing company that most successful Nevada Providers choose is Outsource Management Group, LLC.

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By becoming a networked provider with Anthem of Nevada you will have advanced technology available 24/7 through Anthem of Nevada’s electronic self-service options. At Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nevada’s website home page a provider can easily navigate to the four self service options that can help save providers valuable time and increase efficiency. These four tools are, EDI, Availity, Provider Access and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). These options give real-time eligibility, benefit and claim inquiry status information including local Anthem Members BlueCard and Federal Employee Program (FEP) members.

Providers that utilize Anthem’s self service options, save time and increase efficiency by providing direct access to up-to-date information. It allows for real-time patient eligibility, benefits and accumulative data. It provides detailed co-insurance, co-payment, and deductible information for all members including BlueCard and FEP patients. It allows providers to check claim status details and payment processing information including claim line-level details when available. A provider’s office can make inquires on previously submitted medical referral and pre-authorization requests and also research and view medical policies, pre-certification requirements, reimbursement policies and view provider/facility provider manuals.

In the EDI self service function tool, providers are able to submit and receive HIPAA compliant transactions by connecting directly with Anthem vendor software or through any approved clearinghouse. Transactions available through EDI include, claims submissions, electronic remittance advice (ERA), electronic funds transfer (EFT), real-time inquires/responses for eligibility, benefit information and claim status.

The second self help tool available to providers is the use of Availity. Through Availity Health Information Network, providers can gain access to information of Anthem members as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield members nationwide.

The third self help tool is Provider Access. In 2013 much of the functionality on Provider Access will move to being accessed exclusively on Availity.

The forth and final self help tool is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The IVR provides telephone access to real-time eligibility, benefits and claims information for one or multiple members on a single call, all this making it readily available to all networked providers with Anthem of Nevada.

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