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Our medical billing & coding services are provided to practicing providers and groups in California by utilizing the latest in information transfer technology!

The medical billing company you choose to handle your medical billing and management functions should be experts at what they do, and more importantly, experts at increasing provider revenue… not just a company that is close to your practice in California, but someone who genuinely cares about you, your revenue and your practice.

With successful and satisfied clients all over the United States… the medical billing company that most successful California Providers choose is Outsource Management Group, LLC.

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California’s Blue Shield has recently won the award of “Best of Blue” for their next generation wellness program.

Blue Shield of California is an independent member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and is a not-for-profit health plan with over 3.3 million members and 4,800 employees. Blue Shield of California was founded in 1939 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Blue Shield of California provides health, vision, dental, life and Medicare insurance and health care.

California’s Blue Shield has one of the largest provider networks and has over 9.7 billion dollars in annual revenue. In 2012 Blue Shield of California was named one of the worlds most Ethical Companies.

California’s Blue Shield received yet another award in September 2012, which was the Best in Blue award, due to California’s Blue Shield employee plan named Wellvolution. Wellvolution is an employee wellness program that is offered to the employees of California’s Blue Shield program. Wellvolution took first place honors for outstanding use of marketing health and wellness communication in the 2012 Best in Blue competition.

California’s Blue Shield Wellvolution strategy links personal well being and worksite wellness setting the tone that is both innovative and fun. Wellvolution has increased its popularity by using social-media fueled wellness platforms to trigger and sustain participation.

Amazingly, since Wellvolutions launch in 2008 – 4 out of 5 employees have actively become engaged in the wellness program. 26% of participants in Wellvolution have gone from “at risk” to healthy. Wellvolution offers many wellness strategies on their website including tips to healthier living and promoting exercise and nutritional plans.

Five philosophies that are the approached at Blue Shield Wellvolution include Eat Healthy, Get Moving, Emotional Well Being, Tobacco Free, and Incentives and Programs. As employees of Blue Shield of California, and by joining Wellvolution and participating in pre-specified health requirements, such as free biometric screenings and wellness assessments, employees can earn extra incentives.

Those incentives include a “Health Day Off”. This is a day off that employees may use to rest and rejuvenate. Another incentive that is offered, is a Medical Plan Contribution Discount, this enables the employee to earn a medical plan discount on their premium.

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