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The medical billing company you choose to handle your medical billing and management functions should be experts at what they do, and more importantly, experts at increasing provider revenue… not just a company that is close to your practice in Tennessee, but someone who genuinely cares about you, your revenue and your practice.

With successful and satisfied clients all over the United States… the medical billing company that most successful Tennessee Providers choose is Outsource Management Group, LLC.

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Beginning in the third quarter of 2012, there have been several reports putting a big question on the billing and coding used by medical practitioners against Medicare. The reports say providers are overbilling in their patient care services. And such can be attributed to incorrect or inaccurate coding.

With the Tennessee providers under a microscope along with other practitioners in other states, there is a great pressure to improve coding and billing practices and such work should be outsourced to billing specialists instead.

Medicare sets specific guidelines for billing activities and care provided to beneficiaries. Providers have to master such guidelines in addition to attending to their main duty of providing care for patients. This can lead to coding errors and in turn, incorrect billing. This is why Tennessee providers will do better outsourcing their medical billing and coding services.

With the healthcare insurance program, providers face three main troubles if they continue to perform coding and billing themselves which they are not necessarily competent at. Such risks include being unpaid for the services, under and over billing.

At risk of being claims being denied

Non compliance to the guidelines as set by the program puts providers at risk of being unpaid for the patient care services they provide to beneficiaries. They can only do so much but they should leave the matter of coding and billing beneficiary services to the experts. This way, they prevent further headaches of dealing with disputes due to denied claims. Moreover, with the matter of coding and billing left at the hands of those who know it best, providers can concentrate to what they do best. That is providing quality patient care services.

At risk of being questioned for overbilling

With the electronic coding system, investigators say, providers tend to overbill the services they provide to patients. But this can be prevented by hiring professionals to handle the billing and coding activities themselves. The last thing providers want to face is the scrutinizing eyes of the law which is already in question since reports are made about these kinds of incidents last year.

At risk of under billing

While some providers may be questioned for over billing, there are some who are too careful that they tend to get under paid. This is an equally problematic situation especially because providers do have bills and expenses to answer for as a result of providing patient care services.

The solution is actually much simpler that everybody thinks. These problems can easily be resolved by outsourcing the medical billing to a firm specializing in the providers type of practice. While it may be viewed as additional expense for Tennessee providers, it can also be treated as a long term solution to further problems that may come about if they insist on doing a task they may not be particularly skilled at or simply do not have the time to study carefully.

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