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In 2012, 392,021 residents of West Virginia were enrolled in Medicare. While this number may seem small compared to the national total of 49,435,610 beneficiaries, it already comprises 21% of the state’s population. As this number is expected to increase as the population ages and grows, it poses a major issue for providers who accept patients covered by the federal-funded insurance program.

The fact is that providers can expect to receive less payment from their Medicare patients, and the reimbursement only comes after a long claims process that involves a lot of tedious paperwork and documentation. It does not help that the Sustainable Growth Rate reductions still in effect in Congress threaten to make significant cuts in the budget for providers’ fees, despite the 2013 reprieve effected by the signing of the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

For these reasons, many providers limit the number of beneficiaries they treat, and some go through the process of opting out of the program altogether. In addition to monetary concerns, providers who opt out decry the inability to provide adequate treatment for their patients under a system that covers only services deemed reasonable and necessary by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

This does not mean that providers are perpetually on the losing end of a relationship with the CMS. It is recognized that when providers do not receive proper compensation for their services, healthcare becomes harder to access for seniors and other qualifiers. In fact, the current administration is committed to the elimination of healthcare-related budget cuts such as the one narrowly avoided this year.

Providers can also help themselves by becoming familiar with the billing and coding required by the CMS in its processing of claims. Reimbursements are based upon a standard set of codes that describe the services given to patients, and take into account a provider’s work and expenses as well as geographical differences in resource costs. Guidelines for coding and billing can be found on the CMS website.

Correct coding can save providers from losing thousands of dollars a year while still letting them provide their patients with affordable treatment and services. Little nuances, such as applying the proper modifiers for different services performed on the same day or the same procedure performed on different parts of the body, may make a huge difference. Taking the time to provide the proper documentation needed for claims of higher codes can also put dollars in your pocket.

Providers should be aware of the possibility that they could be undercoding or seriously underestimating the value of their services. Also, while overcoding is punishable by law, deliberate undercoding done to avoid accusations of fraud may send up red flags as well.

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