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Medical Billing in North Dakota for Blue Cross Blue Shield: Mistakes to Avoid

Medical coding and billing is a tedious process that involves translating the details of a patient visit into alphanumeric codes. This is done to facilitate the processing of reimbursement claims from health care providers to payers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you are a physician practicing in North Dakota, it is important that you know the common mistakes that your fellow medical practitioners commit when coding a visit, such as those listed below. Knowing these can help you avoid problems that may arise as a result of inaccurate or incorrect claims, such as legal woes and investigation by authorities.

Common Coding and Billing Mistakes

Assigning an incorrect code for a diagnosis or procedure – Using obsolete codes from old coding books and software can result to denied claims which, in turn, mean lost revenue for your practice. Incorrect codes can also stem from a mistake in understanding the procedure or diagnosis given on the part of the medical coder.

Committing double billing – This occurs when the same service for the same patient is coded twice, thus resulting in it also being charged twice to a payer like Blue Cross Blue Shield. There is no problem with this if the double entry is not a mistake – that is, if the patient really underwent the procedure twice – and if there is ample documentation supporting the claim. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that the claim will be denied, and no reimbursement will take place. Several incidents of this can also lead to an investigation of your practice.

Neglecting the documentation procedure on a patient visit – There are two mistakes that many physicians commit with regards to documentation: one is providing data that is insufficient, and the other, documentation that is indecipherable to the medical coder. Both of these can result to your reimbursement claims being denied by the insurer either due to the lack of supporting documentation, or incorrect information.

Missing physician/doctor information – Even if you’ve meticulously documented the patient visit and rechecked the accuracy of the codes you used, your claim will still be rejected if information about the medical practitioners involved is incomplete. Examples of these are if you didn’t affix your signature; you forgot to include your identification number; or, in the case of a referral, the name of the referring physician is missing.

Aside from direct payments from patients, a big part of the revenue your North Dakota practice will make will come from reimbursements made to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurers for services rendered to their members. As such, it is crucial that you know and avoid the common coding and billing mistakes made by health care providers. Doing so will greatly minimize the chance that your claims for reimbursement will be denied.

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