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Georgia’s Blue Cross Blue Shield website has a Provider section on their website called Spotlight. Under the main Spotlight heading, providers have access to links providing new information and answers to many questions. One link is titled “Do we have your money”? If you are a Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield provider and you do have unpaid claims, you should read further on the instructions of what to do.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia is reaching out to providers to whom have been issued checks, but that have not been cashed. This outreach that Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield is providing will include sending a letter out to the payee of the uncashed check, to their last known address, which often defaults to the original address the original payment was issued. Georgia State law requires that after attempting to contact the owners via “due diligence” letters, all checks that remain uncashed for set periods of time must be remitted to the state of Georgia.

If you are a Georgia provider and receive one of these letters to claim these funds, you must complete the information requested on the letter you received, make sure you make copies for your file records, then mail the original letter back to the address listed on the top of the letter. This completed form must be postmarked by the date specified on your letter.

This deadline is determined based upon Georgia reporting due dates; therefore, they urge providers to comply no later than this date. If your response is received late and cannot be processed, you will have to claim your money directly from Georgia State. Since Georgia State must load the data received from many other various reporting companies, you may have to wait several months before the state can process your request.

Most frequently providers ask Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield why a written response is required to claim un-cashed checks. The reason is that the state law requires that Blue Cross Blue Shield remit all unclaimed funds to the State after such a period of time has lapsed. After you, the provider, contacts the holder (Anthem Companies) the owner must complete the requested information and attach the required documentation.

An email or telephone inquiry will not replace this requirement. In order to ensure that this property is not remitted to the state, responses must be received in writing and delivered to the address listed at the top of the letter by the date specified on the letter.

Much more information can be obtained by visiting Georgia’s Blue Cross Blue Shield website.

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