Medical Billing Services Overview

Professional Medical Billing Services

We provide complete medical billing solutions for your practice including practice management consulting. Since each provider and/or practice is unique, we customize our Medical Billing Services to meet your individual needs.

We have the ability to remotely access you current database, working in real time with your office staff, and we do offer a practice management system for you practice, if needed. This also includes all or some of the following services, depending on you individual needs:

  • Data entry – we obtain information from the provider and/or practice and enter this information into the practice management system.
  • File claims – The vast majority of claims are transmitted electronically, however there are a few that must go on paper. We file all of your claims without adding a clearinghouse and/or postage expense back to you.
  • Statements – Statements are mailed out from our office on behalf of your practice or facility. The protocols of statements and collection are done specifically to your specifications. The provider and/or practice will continue to control this function of the billing without having to spend the time to prepare the statements or the business expense of the postage. All statements will have the practice and/or providers name and address on the statement and Outsource Management Groups 1-800 number.
  • Payments – Payments from insurance companies and patients will continue to go to your office! As we receive payments and explanations of benefits from your office, we post these into the practice management system. More and more insurance carriers are going to EFT and electronic remits. If your office has not set up those functions, we can take care of those as well for you. This does decrease the paperwork and help main stream the office procedures. Each EOB/ERA will be audited for correct payment and/or benefits.
  • Appeals – Incorrect payments and/or denials are appealed or challenged with the insurance companies to ensure the correct reimbursement for your practice.
  • Aged accounts receivable – The accounts receivable is always a concern for providers and/or practices. At Outsource Management Group, we work the AR aggressively every 30 days. We have been very successful in recovering monies that most providers thought were a lost cause. The filing time limits that some of the insurance companies have instilled on the providers make working the AR a top priority.
  • Reports – Practice management reports are typically issued every month, however, we do customize the reporting to your specifications along with the types of reports that are advantageous to your practice and/or accountant.

Outsource Management Group, LLC is dedicated to every patients privacy rights and are fully compliant with all HIPAA rules and regulations. Read our complete corporate HIPAA policy.

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