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With successful and satisfied clients all over the United States… the medical billing company that most successful New York Providers choose is Outsource Management Group, LLC.

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Tips on Medical Billing for New York Physicians with Medicare

Medical coding and billing for Medicare is a daunting task that requires filling out forms and choosing among dozens of codes. If you are a physician practicing in New York, you have two options to ensure that you receive reimbursement for services rendered to patients: you can either hire the services of a medical coding and billing company, or you can designate several people in your staff to do the said work. This is just the first part, though. To avoid encountering issues regarding coding and billing, you might also want to follow these tips:

Invest in Training
If you have decided against taking advantage of medical coding services and instead opted to do the billing and coding in house – that is, by assigning the work to your staff – you should be prepared to shoulder ongoing education and training for them. This is because the codes used are not written in stone. Codes are often added or old ones, modified, to account for new laws on medical coding and billing. If your assigned people do not receive regular training, errors in coding are likely to happen. Consequently, you will have problems with reimbursement.

Make Use of EOB Forms
EOB is short for “Explanation of Benefits”. It is a form sent to a patient after a visit to a health care provider that provides the following information:

• Type and cost of service provided
• Amount that will be covered by Medicare and paid to the health care provider
• Out-of-pocket expense

These forms can help you tremendously when it comes to checking for inaccuracies in your billing. Since patients will most likely check the details in these forms, you can be sure that you will hear from them if there are mistakes in coding/billing. This enables you to correct your mistake early, so to speak, and avoid nasty consequences such as being placed under investigation or being sued for improper coding practices.

Communication with Billers and Coders is Key
If, unlike in the first point, you opted to hire professionals to do the coding and billing for you, do not forget to discuss matters pertaining to schedule and availability. Make sure that the medical coding company you chose can be contacted easily, especially at times when you need to clarify something or when an erroneous entry needs to be corrected. If possible, establish a concrete schedule for when you can directly communicate with the company or the encoder.

While medical coding and billing for Medicare is a job best left to professionals, as a health care provider practicing in New York you likewise have a responsibility to at least know the basics about these things. Like it or not, these are an indispensable part of your medical practice, and lack of understanding of these subjects can lead to you losing a lot in terms of revenue.

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