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Physician credentialing, or provider contracting is the process of becoming contracted with insurance companies so that the medical provider can accept third party reimbursement for healthcare services. The importance of being credentialed with insurance companies has become extremely important to the success of any clinical medical practice.

Patients are faced with higher premiums to the insurance companies in order to have health insurance, which forces them to seek providers that are in-network with their health plan. All of which can be extremely important depending on the geographical location of you practice.

Outsource Management Group is a full service credentialing company providing services to all new and relocated providers in any medical specialty nationwide. We can credential you with the insurance carriers and networks of your choice.

These carriers include:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (Nationwide)
  • Commercial carriers
    • United Health
    • Humana
    • Aetna
    • WellPoint
    • Cigna
    • California Physicians’ Service
    • HighMark
    • WellCare
    • and more.
  • HMO carriers
  • DMERC carriers
  • Workman’s Compensation carriers
  • and many more.

We will make sure that you have all of the key elements to ensure a successful practice.

Our physician credentialing experts have developed and maintained strong relationships with third party payers to allow for quick contract resolution. Our persistent tenacity ensures that you application is processed within a reasonable amount of time. We take all the paperwork and hassle out of your hands!

Most importantly, do not assume that all of these carriers and/or networks are going “back date” your participation. Most DO NOT! Call Outsource Management Group and we will assist you with your planning. We have discount price packaging available.

Outsource Management Group, LLC is dedicated to every provider and patients privacy rights and are fully compliant with all HIPAA rules and regulations. Read our complete corporate HIPAA policy.

Partner with the leading physician credentialing specialists and get reimbursed!

As your credentialing partner, OMG handles all aspects of the medical credentialing process for you. We take all the hassle of paperwork out of your hands completely!

Contact us today to get started, We look forward to becoming your partner and making sure you get credentialed with all the insurance carriers of your choice!

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