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The medical billing company you choose to handle your medical billing and management functions should be experts at what they do, and more importantly, experts at increasing provider revenue… not just a company that is close to your practice in Texas, but someone who genuinely cares about you, your revenue and your practice.

With successful and satisfied clients all over the United States… the medical billing company that most successful Texas providers choose is Outsource Management Group, LLC.

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The provider’s main job is to provide medical care to patients in need. And such is the same aim that the Medicare program hopes to achieve. However, there seems to be a lot of problems and a huge gap between the two which should not be the case at all.

On one hand, the program may be successful in making patient care services much more affordable. In effect though, it tends to put the providers at a compromising position where they are paid less than they deserve. Such can be attributed to the payment model itself, SGR or simply to the complex coding and billing guidelines that providers have to closely scrutinize to make their reports as accurate as possible. With focus needed on making their practice as efficient as possible, providers have to think about cost and revenues too.

In an effort to save their clinics and their practice itself, some Texas providers withdraw from Medicare completely. Others on the other hand, still continue to be challenged by the billing and coding system that is also causing them to be under paid. So, what is the proposed solution?

Experts say there is a serious need to alter the current SGR payment model. This is to give providers more incentives and reason to stay with the program. It can be something as simple as guaranteeing payments and making reimbursement procedures more flexible and convenient. While this may be true to some extent, it may still not answer to the more apparent problem of medical coding and billing issue. In which case, Texas providers have to seriously consider hiring additional help for handling and ensuring proper and accurate medical coding and billing.

In addition to the budget cuts against providers, another major issue worth attending to is the proper compliance to guidelines in terms or coding and billing. Such can provide more ease when it comes to filing reimbursements and may also eliminate the number of disputes and the more problematic under payment to practitioners. This is why there are several services available now which are designed to make it easier for providers to address issues involving proper and accurate medical billing and coding in compliance with the program’s rather complex guidelines.

This option can prove to be beneficial not only because it makes the provider’s job much easier, allowing them to focus on efficiency and proper patient care. But it may also help eliminate other problems resulting from improper medical billing. By fixing and ensuring compliance with the set guidelines, issues with difficult reimbursements and unnecessary disputes may be addressed. Such may be able to ease the pain and the aggravation that a lot of Texas providers find themselves in under the Medicare program.

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