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Medical Billing in Rhode Island: What Providers Should Know About Medicare

For the 188,502 Medicare beneficiaries in Rhode Island, finding a good provider who will take their insurance is an important issue. For providers, however, deciding whether or not to take beneficiaries is almost as much of a problem.

The simple fact is that doctors know they will earn less from Medicare patients. Even those who register as participating physicians can only receive the payment approved by the program – an amount which can be much less than what a doctor would actually charge. Also, the program only covers 80% of the said approved fee: if the patient can’t afford the remaining amount and has no secondary insurance to cover the difference, a doctor must “write-off” or count the money as lost. It does not help that there is a constant threat to cut the budget for physician’s fees.

It actually isn’t that bleak a picture, however. Providers can and should receive adequate compensation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The key to this often lies in correct medical billing and coding.

In processing claims for reimbursement, the CMS employs a coding system to help classify the different services rendered to beneficiaries. This allows them to evaluate whether procedures were actually necessary and reasonable (and thus counted as benefits), and to decide how much a doctor should receive for administering them. To keep up with current medical trends, the codes are updated every year. The latest version can be found on the CMS website, and becoming familiar its proper use can save a physician up to thousands of dollars a year.

While the program is a federal one, certain decisions regarding what constitutes a benefit are made through Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs). These are policies made by local CMS contractors, which may be contacted by physicians who want to learn how exactly the program works in their area. In Rhode Island, these are the National Heritage Insurance Company (NHIC, Corp.) and the Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation.

Physicians should also be aware of incurring accusations of fraud. The CMS has had its share of doctors trying to take advantage of the system, and crackdown on claims deemed to be fraudulent can be harsh and exacting, even if the offense committed was entirely accidental. Activities considered as fraud include billing for unnecessary, negligible, or unperformed services; referrals to service providers in which the physician has a vested interest; and the prescription of drugs or medical devices in return for favors from their distributors.

The Department of Health and Human Services has published guidelines to help doctors and other healthcare providers avoid potentially fraudulent practices. This is available online. There is also a protocol for self-disclosure for doctors who discover evidence of fraud.

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