Press and News Release

Press and News Release

The following is a news release from our corporate headquarters. Feel free to download it or contact us regarding this release.

OMG Unveils Its Online ICD-10 Question and Answer System

For Immediate Release (1-31-2014)

Bloomington, IN: Outsource Management Group, LLC, a leading medical billing company, has implemented a new online ICD-10 question and answer system. This new system is designed as an online learning and teaching tool for healthcare professionals. It allows medical providers, medical coders, biller’s and other healthcare professionals the ability to ask and answer any questions related to the ICD-10 transition. 

All submitted questions are added to the system which allows visitors to assist each other by viewing, answering or commenting on the questions. The goal of this new system is to leave no ICD-10 question unanswered.

When asked about the ICD-10 readiness of the healthcare community as a whole, Outsource Management Group’s CEO Melissa Clark stated “The ICD-10 transition date of October 1 is fast approaching and there are many questions to be answered as to what type of training you need? What affect will it have on my practice? etc. We, in collaboration with colleagues and our visitor base, will strive to provide the knowledge needed to make the transition as seamless as possible for all.”

About: Outsource Management Group, LLC., is a medical billing and practice management firm based in Bloomington, Indiana. Founded in 2002, the firm manages revenue cycle systems for medical providers of all specialties across the United States.

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