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"Can You Code It?" is the interactive ICD-10 coding and learning area of the Coding Corner. Outsource Management Group will post the details of an encounter or medical procedure as if it were a claim. All visitors can then analyze the claim and apply any ICD-10 codes they see fitting for reimbursement.

Visitors can also submit a sample claim to "Can You Code It" to be posted on the site for others to code and comment on.

Likewise, visitors have the ability to reply to, or comment on others efforts to properly code the encounter, thus allowing everyone to learn from others and have fun with the conversations.

Recurrent Right Renal Artery Stenosis

A 65-year old woman who has previously undergone right renal artery stenting presented to her physician with increased recurrent arterial velocities within the proximal right renal artery duplex...
Can You Code It?

Acute Appendicitis with Laparoscopic Appendectomy

A 33 year old man visits the emergency department complaining of pain in his right lower abdomen.   Documented Diagnosis: Acute Appendicitis. Documented Procedure: Laparoscopic...
Can You Code It?
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  • Hi Terissia, Sorry for my delay, I missed your comment and question. We coded the peritonitis because of the inflammation…

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