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Healthcare, insurance, technology and revenue cycle are ever-changing industries. Outsource Management Group wants to provide the latest information and experiences from a wide range of healthcare fields. As such, this blog is more than happy to publish articles written by guest authors from all areas of the healthcare industry.

A guest author can be anyone with the knowledge and/or expertise to professionally write on subjects related to their particular area of expertise. All guest authors receive full credit for their content through a biography page with a picture, links to social media, website, etc.

This blog always welcomes articles from:

  • Medical Coders
  • Medical Billers
  • HIM Specialists
  • HIPAA Specialists
  • EHR Specialists
  • EMR Specialists
  • Practice Managers
  • Software Companies
  • Health Insurance Specialists
  • Payers - Third party, etc.
  • Medical Providers (MDs, PAs, NPs, etc)
  • Follow-up, Aging and Denial Specialists
  • HIT Specialists
  • And more...

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Why Write Articles for This Blog?

To show your expertise and share your industry experience, as well as gain recognition As one of the earliest revenue cycle related blogs, this blog has been online since 2004 and receives significant traffic through its large number of indexed articles.

This blog also gives every guest author full credit for every article that they contribute to the blog.

Content and Article Guidelines

Outsource Management Group would love to publish your content for you. There are only a few guidelines to make sure this blog stays relative, fresh and contains unique content.

Rules to consider when contributing include:

  • All Content Must Be Unique on the Web and Authored by You. (this is verified with software)
  • All Content Must Relate to Healthcare, Billing, Coding, HIM, Practice Management, etc.
  • All Content Must Be of Approximately 800-1500 Words or More.
  • That's It!

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