Archive for the Week of January 23, 2009

Archive for the Week of January 23, 2009

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Cyber Secure Medical Billing

Cyber Secure Medical Billing The protection of medical billing personal health information is a big deal in today’s world. Criminals are constantly trying to access the information, while healthcare professionals try desperately to protect it. Computers and electronics may be a medical billing timesaver, but when it comes to security, some practices fall a little short. The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has recently solved this electronic medical billing security problem with an innovative new system. PostX is the program of choice at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. This is a messaging system that was developed for seamless integration and extremely secure medical billing transmissions. It was designed to be able

Medical Billing CPT found for Transposition of Ovary

Medical Billing CPT found for Transposition of Ovary There are many procedures in which there is no particular medical billing code to represent it. For instance, an Oophoropexy is usually performed for radiation therapy, but what if it were performed for polycentric ovarian syndrome? Is there a CPT code to represent this? Knowing your options is an important trait in the medical billing world. In the oophoropexy example above, some medical billing staff members may use the current procedural terminology code 58825 (Transposition, ovary). Unfortunately, they would be incorrect. The definition of transposition is when an ovary is moved due to radiation therapy. Since radiation therapy is not being performed,

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