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Outsourcing a Dirty Word toYou?

The word “outsourcing” has become a dirty word for many physicians that have been burned by medical billing companies that either outsourced their claims to medical billing companies that use neither secure networks nor adhere to HIPAA regulation in order to maximize their profits; or the outsourcing company just turned out to not be reliable and it wound up costing the practice money to utilize their services. Don’t let a bad experience keep you from partnering with a legitimate medical billing company that can not only help you get your reimbursements faster but also realize great profits by maximizing every single medical billing claim that is filed to make sure

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Compiling Your Medical Billing for Specific Injections

B-12 injections are a very common procedure. If you’re only receiving partial payments or experiencing rejections of your claims, you may need to tighten up your handling of these claims as the codes and procedures for filing criteria have undergone changes in the past year. To eliminate potential medical billing problems, there are five steps to follow to ensure smooth B-12 reimbursement for your claim. The first medical billing step is to replace the injection administration codes for the B-12. These codes include the current procedural terminology codes 90782, 90788, and G0351. These medical billing codes were deleted from the 2006 CPT list and should no longer be used. The

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Questions Answered Regarding IM Injections

Do you find that you have several questions in regards to injection codes? Well, if you do then you certainly not alone! In order to determine which of the codes apply for certain injection procedures, you can use a couple of great guidelines that are sure to help you out. Perhaps you have a question on whether or not supervision plays a role in the code that you need to report. Is the physician for the patient in the office and available while the injection is going to be taking place? When the answer to this is yes, you can feel confident in reporting code 90772. A code of 9921

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