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ICD-10 Resources Including Books, Information Sources

ICD-10 Resources Including Books, Information Sources

HiTech Answers has provided a great article showcasing some very informative ICD-10 resources. The resources provided are some of the best we’ve seen at assisting medical providers in their ICD-10 preparations…

Roberta’s Excerpt:

“Here are some resources to help you begin the transition to ICD-10.

5 Steps to Jump Start Your ICD-10 Plan Today, webinar on Thursday, Jan 23 at noon ET. Sponsored by CareCloud – The transition to ICD-10 is the most significant change to the business of healthcare in decades. So while making the switch can feel overwhelming, the combination of thorough planning, the right technology and a trustworthy staff can minimize disruption to practice operations. This webinar features a nationally renowned ICD-10 expert and focuses on what physicians and their staff need to know to get the ICD-10 transition in motion, so they can get back to focusing on patients. Register for this event.

ICD-10 Testing, Issues and Plans, webinar on Friday January 31 at noon CT. Sponsored by Wide River Healthcare IT Consulting Webinar – The target audience for this event is ICD-10 project team, executive sponsor, billers, administrators, CFOs and IT staff. Register for these events.

CMS ICD-10 Guide – this interactive web-based tool provides step-by-step guidance on how to transition to ICD-10 for small practices, large practices, small hospitals, and payers.”


The transition to ICD-10 is not something to be taken lightly, it will be very burdensome and will be very costly for most providers. Our recommendation is to seek out as much training, ICD-10 information and professional assistance as you can now, so you will be ready in October.


Authored by: Roberta on HiTech Answers

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