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What costs go into your ICD-10 transition budget

What costs go into your ICD-10 transition budget

With ICD-10 coming in October, having a budget in place for the transition is something that should already be done. “What costs go into your ICD-10 transition budget” is an article by Carl Natale on ICD-10 Watch that effectively explains the process for providers. Discusses planning and training times, business processes and more…


“If you haven’t figured out an ICD-10 transition budget yet, it may be too late. But it’s a good idea to get a handle on what it will cost you.

You need to account for costs associated with technology upgrades, training, testing, compensating for decreased productivity and support implementation activities.

If you’re not sure what that means, Navicure makes a handy budgeting spreadsheet. “

Authored by: Carl Natale on ICD-10 Watch

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