Archive for The Day of August 17th, 2005

Archive for the Day of August 17th, 2005

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What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process?

What Is The Electronic Claims Submission Process? The reason many physicians don’t outsource their medical billing is that they are unsure of how the Electronic Claims Submission process works. Understanding exactly what happens when the medical billing is sent from your office to the time you are re-reimbursed for your claims will show you how smart making the decision to outsource a lot easier. Your claims are transmitted to the medical billing company via electronic submission or plain old paper medical billing forms. At the medical billing firm, your electronic submissions are received and your paper claims are entered and double checked for errors and then transmitted in batch orders

Medical Billing Outsourcing For Specialists

Medical Billing Outsourcing For Specialists Specialists have special problems when they need to outsource their medical billing. They need to find a vendor that understands their procedures and can accurately pick the correct coding in case the physician merely checks a main procedure performed. This knowledge by the medical billing firm will insure that claims are not under or partially paid when reimbursed and save the Specialist a lot of legwork having to pull files and re-read procedures to see what was actually done. Outsourcing your medical billing to a firm that can handle your specialty claims will take a lot off your mind and improve your cash flow. Did

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