Archive for The Day of September 12th, 2005

Archive for the Day of September 12th, 2005

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What is a Late Bill Override Date?

A term you will hear from time to time, especially if your practice is still filing your own claims and you haven’t outsourced your medical billing yet, is LBOD. LBOD stands for Late Bill Override Date and it’s fairly cut and dried. Basically the provider uses the LBOD to document compliance with timely filing requirements which insures that you get reimbursed for services rendered. Generally, you should only use the LBOD if you are filing a claim with dates of service older than 120 days and you must have all documentation on file for these addendums to your medical billing claims. The LBOD is permissible to use on either paper

Code Those Nursing Home Visits Correctly

Code Those Nursing Home Visits Correctly Places of service have brought on many headaches when medically billing claims. The place of service, nursing home, is probably the most confusing location. There are certain guidelines when medically billing to ensure nursing home locations are coded correctly. The biggest question that comes up when dealing with nursing homes is whether it should be coded as an outpatient facility or inpatient facility when medically billing for consultations. The codes 99241 through 99245 are outpatient consultation codes reserved for the following locations: office, hospital clinic, facility providing custodial services, emergency room, observation room in the hospital, home, or nursing home. The codes 99251 through

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