Archive for The Day of November 8th, 2005

Archive for the Day of November 8th, 2005

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Avoiding Fraud and Abuse Charges in Medical Billing

Avoiding Fraud and Abuse Charges in Medical Billing Gainsharing in medical billing is highly scrutinized. The HHC Office of Inspector General is very suspicious about gainsharing activities with healthcare providers. There are three areas hospitals should focus on in order to prevent medical billing fraud allegations. Improper gainsharing agreements are borderline fraud in medical billings. The three things hospitals can do to prevent any fraud charges are having sufficient quality controls implemented, promoting accountability, and limiting payments that lead to referral pattern changes. If all three of these elements are satisfied, your hospital will have no problem providing trustworthy medical billing. Currently there is a CMP (civil monetary penalty) that

Get The Most Out Of Your OB Medical Billing

Get The Most Out Of Your OB Medical Billing For maternity, a global medical billing is the most common form of claim submission. This can get very tricky for the personnel in your office. Be sure to train your medical billing staff the correct way to bill global maternity claims. There are 6 medical billing tips for global Obstetrical care. First, be sure that your diagnosis code (ICD-9) range in the 640-678 numbers. These are the only acceptable ICD-9 codes for global maternity care. Diagnosis codes are the first step to a correct claim. The second tip also deals with the diagnosis code. Be sure you use the correct fifth

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