Archive for the Week of August 5, 2005

Archive for the Week of August 5, 2005

Welcome to the medical billing blog archive for the week of August 5, 2005.

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Outsourcing Your Medical Billing for Chiropractic Services

Outsourcing Your Medical Billing for Chiropractic Services You have a thriving Chiropractic practice. You have loyal patients who appreciate your services and recommend you to their associates and in turn your practice grows even larger. Soon, your in office staff is spending so much time answering phones and patient’s questions, you find your medical billing is being submitted later and later and your reimbursements are happening slower and slower. Worse, your staff is so busy sometimes they are not coding your medical billing properly, it’s not that they don’t know, it is just that they are so busy there isn’t time to keep up with the fast paced changes in

Common Medical Billing Problems

Common Medical Billing Problems One of the most common errors in medical billing when it is handled in house at the physician’s office is a completely avoidable one. It’s called Up-coding, Undercoding, and Over-coding. Basically, correctly done coding is when the CPT-4, matches up to the correct ICD-9 or diagnosis. Sounds easy enough until you get into the sheer myriad of services available for medical billing purposes. What you need to be careful of is Up-coding that involves submitting CPT code(s) for a more extensive service or procedure than what was actually performed, or for submitting CPT codes for non-covered or non-chargeable services. Over-coding another biggie that can get your

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