Archive for The Day of February 23rd, 2006

Archive for the Day of February 23rd, 2006

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Can You Choose the Correct Medical Billing Pain Code?

Can You Choose the Correct Medical Billing Pain Code? Finding the right pain code can be a sticky situation in medical billing. When dental issues come into the picture, sometimes the medical billing staff members go crazy. Knowing how to simply break down a chief complaint in any situation is a medical billing skill everyone should master. If a patient comes into the emergency department and complains of a dental wire sticking into his/her lip, you already have your chief complaint. Even if your physician does not treat the patient but merely advises him/her to check with the dentist and buy someone wax from the local drugstore, you can still

Wireless Charge Capture Improves Medical Billing

Wireless Charge Capture Improves Medical Billing New mobile technology is rocking the medical billing world. A new mobile application system called PatientKeeper Charge Capture is making the world a little easier for the Hebrew Rehabilitation center. This new system has quickly exceeded the hospital’s expectations, mobile devices are quickly becoming the wave of the future in medical building. There are many advances in technology that do little to affect the medical billing world. Mobile technology is different. The Hebrew rehabilitation center recently introduced new mobile technology to its hospital called the PatientKeeper Charge Capture. This new system has improved medical billing in many ways. One of the main benefits of

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