Archive for The Day of March 28th, 2006

Archive for the Day of March 28th, 2006

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CCR Changes for A New Provider

If you are merging hospitals, your medical billing numbers may change. Provider tax identification numbers are used to identify hospitals and medical practices. When one hospital merges with another hospital, the capital cost-to-charge ratio will change for one or both hospitals in medical billing. The first scenario in medical billing is when two hospitals merge and use one of the hospital’s tax identification number. This means that the other hospital drops their own medical billing number. When this happens, Medicare uses the hospital with the existing tax identification number to figure capital cost-to-charge ratios. The second medical billing scenario is when two hospitals merge and get a new provider number

Medical Billing Cuts Threaten DME

Medical billing practices may be your only saving grace this year if you own a DME company. CMS payment cuts are on the horizon. In the past, Durable medical equipment companies have dodged these cuts, but now they seem to top the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services cut list this year. Your durable medical equipment Medical billing reimbursements may suffer. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services define any grossly excessive payment with a fifteen percent threshold. This amount used in medical billing will now be subjected to the inherent reasonableness cuts. Durable medical equipment companies are the target for the agency this year. The medical billing cuts are

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