Archive for The Day of May 15th, 2006

Archive for the Day of May 15th, 2006

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Continuous Care Medical Billing Claims Paid

If you have medical billing claims that include continuous care claims, be sure to meet the minimum requirements or your medical billing claim could get held up under review or worse – outright rejected. There has been a significant increase in the past 5 years of continuous care claims and those types of medical billing claims are being looked at on a closer level than ever before. The growth is legitimate as Americans are living to older ages than ever before. Watch the usage of modifiers when you’re billing for long-term care claims. There can be some issues raised with your claim if you use a modifier that does not

Are You Still Using Confirmatory Consult 99271?

If you’re seeing denials of your medical billing claims for confirmatory consultation and you aren’t sure why it is occurring, the Current Procedural Terminology codes were eliminated in January 2006. This change affected the way many treatments were approached and the amounts that practices will be reimbursed. A confirmatory consult in medical billing is defined as a visit where one physician confirms the opinion of another physician. The current procedural terminology codes used are 99271-99275 (Confirmatory consultation for a new or established patient) for a confirmatory consult. This code range is now defunct. There are now two options in medical billing for coding a confirmatory consult. You should either report

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