Archive for The Day of May 16th, 2006

Archive for the Day of May 16th, 2006

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Documentation is the Key to Getting Reimbursed

There are two major medical billing elements for critical care patients. If these two elements are missing, no or partial reimbursement will be received. In order to collect all the money you are entitled to, your medical billing must be accurate. The two most important elements in medical billing for critical care are time services were rendered and medical necessity requirements. Let’s face it, during emergency situations documenting times of services rendered on a patient is not the most important factor when dealing with a critical care patient. Patients are quickly moved into the emergency room, are quickly examined and treated as fast as possible. There are two main critical

Get Correctly Reimbursed For Your Discography

There are many different rules about bundling your medical billing claims. Some codes are included with others, while different codes can be separately reimbursed. A discography is a procedure that brings up a lot of questions. In medical billing, the question about whether or not to code per region or per disc. This is one instance in which you may get more reimbursement than expected. The AMA (American Medical Association) states that you can report per disk when doing medical billing for a diagnostic discography. The code 72295 (Discography, lumbar, radiological supervision and interpretation) should be billed for as many disks as you treat. Even if the discography is only

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