Archive for The Day of July 17th, 2006

Archive for the Day of July 17th, 2006

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Getting Your Medical Billing Claims Paid

If your medical billing forms don’t have the proper diagnosis codes listed on your billings that are submitted to Medicare & Medicaid Services, the claim can be rejected. Any claim without a valid diagnosis code will not be processed. In previous years, when claims came in from service providers with incorrect diagnosis codings, the Medicare carriers would make the proper corrections and then reimburse the medical billing claim. Medicare personnel will no longer perform that function. Absolute correct coding is now required in order to reimburse for Medicare Part B services. A lot of service providers used to rely on this correction by the personnel at Medicare. As this is

Are You Using Modifier 22?

In the world of medical billing, modifiers can be just as important as the CPT codes they append. A simple mistake such as miss sequencing these codes could lead to incorrect reimbursements. There is one modifier that is known as being the most incorrectly used modifier: 22. Knowing how to correctly use the medical billing modifier 22 is an important skill to learn. Modifier 22 (Unusual procedural services) is used to indicate a substantial amount of extra work a physician needs to do for a specific procedure. As a matter of fact, there are some procedures that never get separately reimbursed unless modifier 22 is used in medical billing. The

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