Archive for the Week of May 4, 2007

Archive for the Week of May 4, 2007

Welcome to the medical billing blog archive for the week of May 4, 2007.

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Don’t Make a Bad Choice With a Medical Billing Partner

When you’re considering outsourcing your medical billing from your practice to a third party partner, it pays to look around and find the best fit for the needs of your individual practice. Be aware that the best choice may not be around the corner or even in the same state as your practice. With the security of Internet transmissions, you can use a company across the country and be just as secure as if you were handing your documentation directly to someone across the hall from you. Making the choice to use a medical billing company for your practice can save plenty of money. However, choosing the wrong medical billing

Medical Billing Once or Twice for Certain Codes

Patient evaluation codings can be very confusing. The patient initial evaluation code is 97001 (also, 97003, 92506, 92610) however if the patient is reevaluated (97002- patient reevaluation) within a 12 month period only one unit of service may be billed to Medicare Part B patients no matter how much time was spent actually servicing the patient. If you make a mistake and bill the carrier for the evaluation and a unit of service for the reevaluation, your claim will be denied based on incorrect coding no matter how much medical documentation you provide showing the necessity of the reevaluation of the patient. Keeping up with the fast paced changes of

Medical Billing – Beginning With the Basics

It starts with a patient who sees a physician. The patient gives the office their insurance or Medicare card and a new medical billing form is generated. No matter what procedures are rendered to the patient, it will be documented in the form of numbers called CPT codes, on the medical billing form. If the patient has any testing done such as a blood or urine sample, basic evaluation or even a patient history interview, all of this including if the patient is a first time visit or not will be documented on the medical billing form. If there is a reason for the patient not feeling well such as

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