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Is It Time To Prescribe Some ICD-10 Panic?

Is It Time To Prescribe Some ICD-10 Panic?

“Maybe it’s time to prescribe a healthy dose of panic” is an article by Carl Natale outlining the results of a survey showing that providers aren’t panicking when it comes to ICD-10. But this survey also shows that providers are not very far along in their ICD-10 preparations…

Carl’s Excerpt:

“I don’t normally advise panic, but maybe it’s time to make it part of our ICD-10 preparations.

About 87 percent of the healthcare professionals who answered Navicure’s ICD-10 readiness survey aren’t panicking. They’re actually confident that they will be ICD-10 compliant by Oct. 1:

  • 22 percent are very confident
  • 23 percent are confident
  • 42 percent are somewhat confident
  • 9 percent are not confident
  • 4 percent are sure

That’s usually is a good thing. But the survey that ended in Fall 2013 found that healthcare providers weren’t very far along in their preparations and weren’t sure where to start. But they’re not worried because it’s going to fall into place by Oct. 1.”


The transition to ICD-10 is expected to be very costly and time consuming for providers… As a coder, I am not sure that most providers understand the scope of the change that is coming in October. Preparation will be a key factor in making it as smooth as possible, those who are not prepared will feel a huge financial impact I’m sure.

Authored by: Carl Natale on ICD-10 Watch

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