Guest Author: Michelle Bottone

Michelle Bottone, CCS, CDIP, MLS Healthcare Law Candidate

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More About Mrs. Bottone:

With almost twenty years of Health Information Management Inpatient Coding experience, along with creation and revision of policies and procedures for the Chargemaster Management Department, Electronic Medical Record implementation, Inpatient Third-Party Audit, as well as Quality Audit responsibilities, Michelle Bottone is becoming a subject matter expert on the audits targeted by the OIG, the importance of thorough and precise inpatient coding, and how to fight back when a company sends a fraudulent appeal.

Michelle’s current expertise lie within the inpatient quality audit world, as well as empowering all colleagues to work together. Michelle’s core beliefs include: • Teamwork • Accountability • Respect for ALL Co-workers

Michelle holds high standards for herself as well. Positive leadership, mentoring, and teaching all members of a hospital or health system are the main goals for the future. Michelle believes that positive reinforcement with all colleagues (whether they make mistakes or not) will not only help an individual do their job right the next time but will also probably retain that employee, and promote that employee (thus boosting employee morale).

Michelle graduated from Temple University School of Healthcare with a B.S. in Health Information Management. This was an excellent program and prepared all students for the evolving world ahead.

Michelle is attending Graduate School at The University of Oklahoma College of Law for the MLS Degree in Healthcare Law. Upon graduation, Michelle will register and sit for the “Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality.” This credential is awarded by the National Association for Healthcare Quality. This will allow Michelle to have a longer reach among organizations in need of compliance revision.

Also, Michelle possesses the CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) and CDIP (Certified Documentation Improvement Professional) credentials. Michelle has also been a member of AHIMA and has recently been given the designation of “Mentor.”

EHR Satisfaction and Ease of Use

If you are a healthcare worker in any field, you are probably aware of the HITECH Act.  This Act was the inception of the electronic medical record (EHR), and meaningful use.  Meaningful use was the proposal from CMS and ONC.  The idea was to have the electronic medical record have interoperable capabilities throughout the United States ( 2019).  We know now that is not in effect.   The introduction of the HITECH Act was to demonstrate to the reader that the front line healthcare worker (Physician, Nurse, Physician Assistant, Certified Nurse Assistant, etc.), are the workers that are the most impacted by the use of the electronic medical record.  If

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