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2W02X2Z Change Cast on Neck

ICD-10 Procedure Code – 2W02X2Z Utilized for the procedure of Changing a Cast on Neck.

2W02X1Z Change Splint on Neck

ICD-10 Procedure Code – 2W02X1Z Utilized for the procedure of Changing Splint on Neck.

2W02X0Z Change Traction Apparatus on Neck

ICD-10 Procedure Code – 2W02X0Z Utilized for the procedure of Changing Traction Apparatus on Neck.

Is Testing the Biggest Obstacle for ICD-10?

A recent article on EHR Intelligence shows us how “testing” is one of many obstacles we face during the transition process, but is it the biggest obstacle?   What are your thoughts? What do you feel is the biggest obstacle for ICD-10?   Read the full article with insight from Kyle Murphy and Josh Berman   Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Are You an Opponent or Proponent of ICD-10?

ICD-10 is coming whether we like it or not, but I am interested in hearing feedback from colleagues, providers, etc. Do you like or dislike the ideas behind ICD-10? Will it have a big impact on your job? Do you think we will be ready come October? Give us your insights and feedback as to how you feel about ICD-10. Comment Here ↓

When Should You Start Your Formal ICD-10 Training?

An intensive ICD-10-CM and PCS training program including book-based code selection and training on encoder usage is recommended for everyone involved in the ICD-10 transition. However, the question is when should you start your training program?   Our Answer: Formal training needs to start now, but at the very least 6-9 months before the deadline of October 1st. By training for the 6-9 month period, most of the information learned will be retained once the new system goes live in October.

2W01XYZ Change Other Device on Face

ICD-10 Procedure Code – 2W01XYZ Utilized for the procedure of Changing Other Device on the Face.

2W01X9Z Change Wire on Face

ICD-10 Procedure Code – 2W01X9Z Utilized for the procedure of Changing a Wire on the Face.

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