Archive for The Day of April 4th, 2006

Archive for the Day of April 4th, 2006

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Be Aware of New Down Syndrome Screening in Your Medical Billing

Constant changes in medical care means constant changes in the medical billing world. One area of medicine that is constantly analyzed and improved upon is that of prenatal care. A new screening test for Down Syndrome may give parents sooner knowledge of their baby’s condition. Medical billing must always reflect the current changes in medicine. The new test for Down Syndrome allows mothers to get their fetuses tested in the first trimester of pregnancy. This test includes a blood sample and an ultrasound. That means your medical billing codes need to accurately reflect the new services provided. Apparently, the new Down Syndrome screening method more accurately diagnoses the disease than

By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P, RT - CEO
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The Government’s Attempt at Simplifying Medical Billing

Although you may think so, the federal government is not out to get your medical billing department. The government has been and is making conscious decisions that will positively impact the way you go about your business. The goal of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to make your medical billing as efficient as possible. The Department of Health and Human Services realize that there are some medical billing regulations in place that may hinder your efficiency and quality of care. They want your practice to be as profitable as possible while you give the best care as possible to your patients. With current medical billing regulations,

By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P, RT - CEO
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