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Be Aware of New Down Syndrome Screening in Your Medical Billing

Be Aware of New Down Syndrome Screening in Your Medical Billing

Constant changes in medical care means constant changes in the medical billing world. One area of medicine that is constantly analyzed and improved upon is that of prenatal care. A new screening test for Down Syndrome may give parents sooner knowledge of their baby’s condition. Medical billing must always reflect the current changes in medicine.

The new test for Down Syndrome allows mothers to get their fetuses tested in the first trimester of pregnancy. This test includes a blood sample and an ultrasound. That means your medical billing codes need to accurately reflect the new services provided.

Apparently, the new Down Syndrome screening method more accurately diagnoses the disease than the current test. In a study, 87% of fetuses were caught in the new test, as opposed to the 81% with the current method. These results may mean there is a new medical billing change on the horizon. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for changes in insurance payer policies. Some companies realize the importance of early detection on their medical billing payments.

Make sure you practice stays current on new topics and codes in the medical billing world. Failure to file the newest codes could cost your valuable time and money. Your medical billing staff should have access to the latest information and be current on all policies. Proper training is a must in your medical billing department.

If you do not want to spend valuable time and resources training your own medical billing staff, outsource that responsibility. You can get another company to perform your medical billing tasks for you. These companies always have highly skilled staff members and always stay current on new policies. If you want timely and correct medical billing, hire a medical billing firm.

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